The Journey That Is Safarnama

Apurva and Rahul had always been travel buffs, even before they met each other, and it was
their love for traveling that brought them together. Apurva, who is a fashion and travel
enthusiast from Delhi and Rahul, who is a Delhi based fitness consultant and enthusiast, via
Safarnama, have been able to achieve their dream of traveling around the world, together!


Safarnama is a testament to the journeys they have been on across the globe and the
experiences that have left them mesmerized on these journeys! Nothing, however, has been a
piece of cake for them though! Doing something they had always hoped and dreamt of doing
is one thing, but being able to make a living out of it can prove to be quite a difficult task!


Travelling had always been considered a leisure activity by almost everyone, and we could
not agree more! The very concept of anyone traveling to earn a living is still an alien one in a
country like India and one that is not given its due respect and appreciation. And that is

precisely what these two had to deal.


Every journey that they have been on has had its fair share of complications, flight delays,
horrible food experiences and the likes! However, it still does not take away from the fact that
they would rather be doing this and spending their time trying to achieve a goal they are

passionate about than anything else!


Safarnama came into being a year back and has since had only one objective; To help couples
figure out where and what all journeys would prove to be awe-inspiring experiences for them!
Apurva and Rahul go out of their way to make sure that every journey that a couple embarks

on, turns out to be a memorable one for them!  


Despite being a blog, Safarnama, in a year has been able to gather quite a good audience on
various social media platforms! From Facebook to Instagram to the website, it makes sure
that it stays active and abreast any and every travel trend that is making a splash and is able to
present that in front of their amazing audience! We are also brilliantly proud about the fact
that we have been able to collaborate with many well known brands on our travels, like
Nokia, Pepsi, Tropicana, Google, which has added a whole new dimension to our experience

as well!  

With being able to share their journey, their Safarnama via their various social media
accounts, Safarnama, Apurva and Raul’s brainchild, has slowly but surely started to
establish a foothold in the travel industry. And even though the development and growth are
slow, the main reason, the most crucial reason behind the establishment of Safarnama cannot

be hidden!

Apurva and Rahul, on their journeys, document their experiences and explore couples’ trip
ideas, suggest date setups, and visit breathtaking holiday destinations, merely with the sole
purpose of letting all the couples out there know where all they can travel and spend quality

time with their better half in!


The struggle to carve a niche in the world of the various travelers out there is a real one, but
one that Apurva and Rahul’s Safarnama will not trade for anything else! Afterall, how many
people can boast of the fact that they are trying to earn a living while traveling with their

better half?

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