A startup is like a dream for everyone but only a few are able to live that dream

Mr.Sheikh Asif
CEO & Founder At Thames Infotech
A startup is like a dream for everyone but only a few are able to live that dream and I’m also among them a story of Sheikh Asif, from Srinagar in Kashmir Valley .Parents always support me due to finance problem i can’t study beyond 8th and started work at a small travel agency as computer operator and after 2 months I leave the job because I don’t like to do lazy jobs I love hard work since my childhood so after leaving a job I got an offer from medicinal agency as a computer operator and I started working there and one days our accountant leave a job without any reason and then our situation become critical sales down till afternoon and I told my boss sir I want to make bills in tally if you give me a chance i will do and he replied do you have any knowledge of tally or accountancy? I leave cabin and start my work after 15 mins boss come and call me and says if you do tally work if you make 2 bills I will hire you as an accountant and thanks to almighty I did and become accountant of company within some days after working there i joined my dream job at Vodafone and I was a computer operator there for 1 month due to my hard work and honesty they promoted me to senior administrator than after 15 days our head comes to office and call me and discuss some points related to management and I give them a suggestion and that works and finally they promote me as ZBM for Kashmir region I was very happy with my job but my mind was upset because this was my dream job only not hobby or interest. So, I decide to leave the job and after 1 and half year I leave all jobs and started graphics designing and printing service at my home I get good response from clients they were happy with my services and after 6 months learning some principal tools of designing and started web design service too in 2013 I leave india and went to United kingdom and started work with stop listed web designing company  as a web designer.
I was very happy with my work and i work 3 months there and earn some money from the comoany and rent a separate room in London and started own work again and thanks to almighty and my mother prayers i become successful designer developer in London. In 2015 I hire a team of 5 members and started small office in London and learn more about development and designing from my team. In 2015 ending I hire more 20 members due to work load and we started new office in January 2016. after 9 months i return to my home and started office here also and now I am getting good work from india,UK,USA,Dhubai,Saudi Arab, Canada and from other countries .
Thames infotech provides all types of services like
Web Designing
Web Development
Graphics Designing
CRM/ERP Development 
Android / IOS Development
Digital marketing
Printing service and other service related to web and graphics
Message to all entrepreneurs :
work hard and do your best whether client have low or high budget.
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