“Beautiful Are The Buds But They Reflect Little Of What A Flower Would Be Like”

‘Beautiful are the buds but they reflect little of what a flower would be like.’
The vision of letting the bud grow, eliminating the fear of getting swept by the storm gave birth to
an idea of bringing the fresh talents and it’s seekers on one single platform and this is how the startup named Gyanjula Infotech Pvt Ltd. came into existence.

Gyanjula -The Project

The story begins from BTech days of Mr. Animesh Srivastava who took up an internship to fill up
the boring summer holidays. He had already experimented with his skills as a mobile app
developer and on that basis, this time he joined an internship programme in the field of digital
marketing where he didn’t just work on a marketing profile but also as a content writer. His
humorous nature and the ability to get along with others easily gave him an even bigger
exposure. This was the time when he realized that he actually wants to help the people
struggling in their profession to achieve a successful professional career.
Because as it’s said great are those who learn from mistakes of others and still greater are them
who take up the courage to transform these flaws into a ladder to rise up the success path. Such
blessed was he to get to know of his strengths and capabilities that made the way ahead easy
to proceed onto.
Lessons from there were transformed into an idea, an idea that was big enough to be called a
project! In an era where people are busy thinking out of the box, to begin with, anything new;
Animesh Srivastava just wanted to turn the box the other way and make even others see the
possibilities still lying inside – untouched.
He named this project as an owe to his parents and with all their good blessings got set to
reinvent the wheel with the name Gyanjula Infotech Private Limited.

What Gyanjula is about?

In most simple terms, Gyanjula is a platform that bridges the gap between students/colleges
and companies. It is constantly working to recruit the best talent from Colleges for
Companies/Startups. In order to help this recruitment process at a better level, Gyanjula
conducts automated assessments to identify a candidate’s potential for the domain and helps
them get the right opportunity in the right organization.
Even if the student wants to join a company from another field of industry, the GT
Assessment’s platform makes it possible.

Perspective for the way ahead

Gyanjula Infotech believes in the talent budding in the nation and this is what it is looking
forward to proving to all. To make this vision a reality Gyanjula is progressively making students recognise their own potential and start believing their skills. It wants to take this approach
ahead to a level where coming days will bring a well structured and organized job sector
available to one and all.

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