How Blocknous Is Helping Corporations Re-Skill Employees In Block-chain And Al To Beat Automation

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Today we speak to Tejas, Co-founder of Blocknous Technologies
What is Blocknous Technologies?
Blocknous is a business syndicate where we provide services like Training, Platform
development and ICO services in emerging technologies, our goal in starting Blocknous was to
make technologies like Blockchain, Artificial intelligence and IOT more accessible to
Corporations and Individuals.

Why should individuals choose Blockchain or Machine learning as a career?

Blockchain and Machine learning has the potential, to be as revolutionary as the internet. The
amount of innovation and money flowing in this space are staggering, the world is undergoing a
major software transition. Estimates say that for every one blockchain developer on earth,
there are 14 available jobs, companies are having difficulty finding the talent.

If you’re an individual exploring a new career path, you may want to consider high-demand
fields like Blockchain, Machine Learning.

How is automation of jobs affecting India?

IT sector has been India’s largest employer, employing 40 Lakh people directly, Digitisation and
automation of labor have brought disruption in the IT sector. Companies are facing their worst
period in a decade, there have been reports of layoffs across companies like Wipro, Accenture,
Cognizant and Tech Mahindra.

There is a major transition happening in software right now.

How can Engineers and Companies in India react to this transition?

The good news is there is a window of opportunity, India should educate and train the workforce
in emerging technologies like Blockchain, IOT and Machine Learning so that they are prepared
to face automation while these new technologies are still maturing.

What are your plans for Blocknous?

Blocknous is helping IT companies, re-skill employees. We have received a great response to our
offline training. We will continue to expand our courses as the industry grows. We are also
planning to launch our E-Learning Courses in Q4 of 2018.
We are also seeing demand from countries like Singapore, Canada, and Dubai. We will target
international markets more aggressively now.

Here’s how you can connect and stay updated with Blocknous Technologies:
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● Medium: Blocknous
● Facebook:

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